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Get More People to Register for your Winter Treks with Social Media Marketing?

Trekking and hiking categories are getting increasing attention among the Gen-Zs and Millennials. Natural experiences are now preferred over luxurious ones because people are becoming more eco-conscious. But along with this, the industry is getting more competitive than ever. That is why you need to regularly optimize your social media presence to market your outdoor activities.

Here’s how you can do that:

Use Visual Content for Social Media Marketing
Social Media Marketing

Think about how people are going to judge your tours. Obviously, by photos and videos uploaded by you or the trekkers on Social Media or the website.

The scenic panoramas, landmarks and aesthetic photos spots will attract all the photophilic towards your tours. With such content, your marketing and sales efforts will be much more effective.

Upload Regularly on Social Media
Social Media Marketing

If you have a limited budget, social media is the best place to score leads for your upcoming treks.

Share photos and videos of your previous tours in addition to resharing the participants’ stories and posts. This will ensure that the potential customers can understand how great the trip is going to be. By looking at the visual content, they will be able to feel the thrill as well.

Add Hashtags and Location to the Posts
Social Media Marketing

Potential customers will search for the locations as well as hashtags (#) to see the places that people have visited. In those posts, people will look for the name of the tour operators. If it is a post from the agency itself, the name will show on top of the post. However, the operator’s name can also be identified if it has been tagged or mentioned.

Add Testimonials and Reviews
Social Media Marketing

Tour operators are chosen by customers because of their inherent trustworthiness. So, online popularity, testimonials, and customer reviews play an important role here.

Use Paid Promotions to Support Organic Marketing

Facebook offers a range of ads to boost engagement, reactions, website traffic, and lead generation. Using these ads will increase the number of qualified leads, and ultimately sales.

For more tips on Social Media Marketing for Travel Agencies, get in touch with us.

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