Adieu to Old Google Search Console also referred to as “ Webmaster Tools”. Google Search Console has updated and combined reports in New Search Console. Many of the old features are removed and replaced with new report tabs.

A very important update is Google Search Console has added is Instead of using the exact URL, it will transition to using the canonical URL for reporting.

It will unify the data, search metrics are based on canonical URL, rather than URL referred to by Google Search.

  • At an individual URL level, you will see traffic shift from any non-canonical (duplicate) URLs to the canonical URL.
  • At the property level, you will see data from your alternate property (for example, your mobile site) shifted to your “canonical property”. Your alternate property traffic probably won’t drop to zero in Search Console because canonicalization is at the page, not the property level, and your mobile property might have some canonical pages. However, for most users, most property-level data will shift to one property. AMP property traffic will drop to zero in most cases (except for self-canonical pages).
  • You will still be able to filter data by device, search appearance (such as AMP), country, and other dimensions without losing important information about your traffic.

New Features In Search Console:

Crawl Errors In Index Coverage Report

Crawl errors will be reported in the Index Coverage report.

The aim is to allow webmasters to find and remedy issues that are actively having a negative impact on crawling and indexing.

Sitemaps In Index Coverage Report

The new report provides all the information of the old report, plus detailed crawl status information from the Google Index.

The Index Coverage report will also be the new home for sitemaps data. Google says this will make it easier to focus on URLs that site owners care about.

Users will be able to track URLs submitted in sitemap files by selecting and filtering data in the Index Coverage report.

Fetch As Google In URL Inspection Tool

In addition to offering ‘Fetch as Google’ capabilities, the URL Inspection tool shows information such as HTTP headers, page resources, and the JavaScript console log.

The tool can also be used to submit images for re-processing in order to get them updated in search results as soon as possible.

User-Management In Settings

Search Console’s user management interface has been merged with the Settings section. This replaces the user-management features in the old Search Console

Old Features Removed In Search Console

The following features are getting removed from Search Console. Some are being replaced, and some are going away altogether.

  • Old Crawl Errors report
  • Crawl Errors API 
  • HTML suggestions 
  • Property Sets 
  • Android Apps 
  • Blocked Resources Reports 
  • Structured Data reporting 

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